10% of all sales will be donated to our
partner World Vision.

Future Leaders

Welcome to the Future Leaders program sponsored by LinkedInGuru. Here at LinkedInGuru we take pride in empowering the next generation of leaders around the world. We have are proud to have partnered with WorldVision to help bring this vision to reality.

We firmly believe that education should be a resource accessible to everyone, not a privilege to a select few. Children in communities that are engulfed in poverty around the world struggle to study in makeshift classrooms, rundown buildings, or in the open air. The result of this is poor lesson quality, mediocre grades, high dropout rates, or no education all together.

Buy One, Give One

 By purchasing any of our resume packages we will contribute a percentage of sales to help construct or renovate a school in developing counties around the world. This will help provide a safe learning environment that can benefit hundreds or even thousands of children for years to come.

At LinkedInGuru we value the diversity of thought and opinion as the evolution of globalization continues to grow. Some of the smartest and most innovative leaders can come from a variety of areas around the world if they are given the right environment to flourish.

Lets Build Together