#1 Graduate Resume

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A graduate resume from LinkedInGuru focuses on your education experience, extra curricular activities, and skills attained from your courses. We identify transferable skills gained from work placements and volunteer experience and discuss how these will directly benefit the hiring employer within your role.

As a student or recent graduate the chances are you already understand the significant value of investing in your career - you've been doing it the entire time you have been studying. You've completed the hard work with your studies, so don't let your Resume or LinkedIn let you down at the final hurdle.

At this stage of career, you need to be able to express which key skills and attributes you possess, and then how these will be the building blocks to a successful career with your future employer

Target Audience - Recent graduates with 1-2 years of work experience (part-time, internships, co-op placements)

Professionally written - By experts that know your industry.

Formatted for success - Modern and sleek formatting that will get an employer's attention.

Keyword optimized - Your resume will be optimized to pass through Applicant Tracking Systems, and be action oriented.


- Overall design & formatting professionalization essential for re-branding
- Specialized industry & career switch services
- Streamlined language & concise phrasing
- Quantification of critical experiences, channelling key responsibilities & impact
- Personalized questions to maximize individual resume depth
- Storytelling your experience in relation to each specific role
- Native English reading, writing, grammar, punctuation and communication