Interview Preparation

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Whether you are an experienced corporate professional looking to move up the ladder or a new graduate looking to secure your first job out of school, our interview package will offer you experienced coaching in regards to how to best story tell your experiences.

The key is being able to story tell your experience in way that can translate to the companies culture and overall job description. Once you feel comfortable enough to ACE that interview we will provide you with negotiation techniques to secure the best offer possible.


  • 30 Minute Mock Interview With A Recruitment Specialist
  • Specific Job Description Connection & Story Telling
  • Response Structure
  • Interview Ettequite
  • Question To Ask Hiring Managers

Get help answering the ‘What Ifs’ and other scenario-based questions in a way that demonstrates your work style and ability to think on your toes. The behaviour interview is the most common interview style you’ll encounter these days.

These free-flowing interviews are typically more casual in nature but are a good way to flex your conversational muscles and give interviews a better sense of your personality and social skills.

Discussing and negotiating a salary is a skill that takes practice. Our coaches can help you tackle this tough topic, so you can get the paycheck you deserve.