Cover Letter Optimization

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Improve the results you get when applying for different jobs by pairing your resume with a professionally written cover letter. A high-quality cover letter expresses your intent, summarizes your experience, and offers insight into why you’re the best candidate for the job.

You might think your resume gives employers all the info they need about you. In reality, a resume is of limited value to an employer without a cover letter for context. Cover letters are important because they tell employers the type of position you’re seeking — and exactly how you’re qualified for it.

Your cover letter can also explain things that your resume can’t. If you have large gaps in your employment history, are reentering the job market, or are changing careers, a cover letter can explain these circumstances in a positive way.

A great cover letter should not just repeat your resume in a shorter form, but should tell the employer what it is about the job that is attractive to you and why you want to work for that employer.

Our Cover Letters: 

  • Tailored towards a specific industry or job description
  • Illustrate how your qualifications fit the position 
  • Identify transferable skills that set you apart from other candidates 
  • Relate yourself to the company and their specific culture 
  • Action-oriented towards receiving next steps in the recruitment process
  • Professionally written and designed with eye-catching templates