Who is LinkedInGuru?

LinkedInGuru | Take a Step Ahead of the Competition

LinkedInGuru is a premium LinkedIn consulting service based in Toronto, Ontario that offers professional profile writing, transformations, and updates. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content strategy creates a competitive advantage for our clients during their job search while allowing them to take a proactive step towards their career ambitions.

With over 92% of recruiters using LinkedIn as their primary tool of recruitment, we aim to position and market our clients profiles to the optimal level so they can leverage the power of LinkedIn and land their dream job!

Why Choose LinkedInGuru?

Our team's experience working in the Executive Search industry has given us a great foundation for success, while also learning the many ways to optimize a LinkedIn profile. Working in the Executive Search industry has allowed us to understand what truly makes a profile stand out, and what catches the eye of recruiters!

LinkedInGuru has hands on experience using LinkedIn's recruiting platform, and we are familiar with the various filters that recruiters use in order to find their ideal candidates. Whether this is someones company, experience, age, skills, job title, or education we know how to make your profile stand out to its maximum potential.

What Types of Clients Do You Work With?

LinkedInGuru specializes in all types of clients ranging from University Graduates, to Experienced Corporate Professionals. Whether you are entering the job search market or simply just want to create a positive brand reputation, we can help!

Our team has experience working with clients from many different industries including: Authors & Writters, Finance, Government, Healthcare, Human Resources, IT, Legal Services, Media, Nonprofit, Oil & Energy, Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, Sports Management, and MORE!

Level of Service?

Being a Canadian company, we understand the importance of a high level of service for our valued customers. Many of our clients come from word of mouth advertising or referrals, therefore we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service in order to reach our growth objectives!  


1) Information Search:

After choosing your package, our staff will reach out to you and we will ask you to submit your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile URL to support@linkedinguru.ca  

2) Analysis:

LinkedInGuru will analyze your existing experiences and create customized content for your new profile

3) Consultation: 

Develop ideal and dream job charecteristics and implement these factors into your profile 

4) Real-Time Updates

We will sign onto your account and implement all necessary changes in real time which you can simultaneously view as well

*Please Note*

LinkedInGuru aims to have all profiles completed within 4-5 days of receiving payment and our staff will keep you updated throughout the entire process