How we helped: 

Q: What program are you in with and how long have you been searching for a position?

 A: I currently have not graduated with my Business degree yet, but I am getting close to graduating. However, I have started looking for full time positions to help boost the starting of my career.

Q: Why you decide to get your resume done by a professional writer?

 A: I decided to get my resume done professionally, because I found it very hard to find the happy medium balance when trying to boost myself on paper. I knew that with a professional they would be able to use better language that I could to make me sound my best. I also saw other students had similar resumes written by themselves, and wanted my resume to stand out to any employer.  

Q: What challenges have you encountered in this process? 

A: The biggest challenge was being able to write about myself and make myself sound good. I am generally a solid writer, but writing about myself was very difficult. Another challenge was standing out from the rest of my graduating class to employers, and I wasn’t sure how to do this with my resume. 

Q: How did LinkedinGuru help you during this process?

A: LinkedinGuru was amazing, they were quick with responding, used optimal word selections, an amazing design and look. How they portrayed me on my resume was mind-blowing, and the design is sure to stand out in a pile of resumes on any hiring managers desk. Due to these things alone I would highly recommend to anyone that they should get their resume done professionally regardless of position and experience.