How we helped:

Q: Why did you decide to have your resume done by a professional writer?

A: I decided to have my resume written by a professional, because after 5 years in Sales positions I wanted to transition to a career in Marketing. I struggled to convey my marketing background, which was predominately from my time in university, effectively on my resume and in my cover letter. 

Q: What made you decide on a career transition? 

A: At my previous position in Sales, I had fallen into the same routine of being underappreciated and in my opinion, underpaid at the office. I was working tirelessly and saw no opportunity to advance my career, so I began reminiscing about how different my career could have been if I pursued marketing opportunities after my post-secondary education. Then one day, I decided that I had enough and wanted to pursue a career in Marketing. 

Q: What challenges have you encountered in this process? 

A: I graduated from university with a minor in Marketing, and I had attained various marketing experience throughout my career. The biggest challenge I faced was being able to focus on this marketing experience and have it overshadow my sales experience. I spent hours trying to write my resume, and as my frustration grew, the struggle to focus on marketing experience also grew.

Q: How did LinkedinGuru help you during this process? 

A: The professionals at LinkedinGuru were able to spotlight my experience gained throughout university from marketing projects, reports, and presentations, as well as transferrable skills gained throughout my sales experience and craft the perfect resume! You would have thought that I had been in the marketing field for years the way they were able to professionally mould my resume to highlight all my relevant marketing skills and experience.